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NIST - 800
ISO 27000
FTC Safequards

Rapid Compliance

Techpiler is here to assist you in tackling the challenges you face today. Contact us to schedule a call and discover how our expertise, combined with our AI automated tools, can help you achieve compliance rapidly.

Efficiently Achieve Compliance Goals: On Time, Under Budget, Every Time

We’re equipped to manage your entire compliance project or provide expert assistance to your team. With our extensive experience and tools, we’ll guide you through the complexities of achieving compliance on various standards.

Our Methodology

Our approach is comprehensive, aiming not only to ensure your organization meets all required controls for compliance certification but to surpass mere qualification. We strive to elevate your organization’s overall security posture, exceeding the standards imposed by any specific certification. Following our process, your organization will be fortified to withstand unforeseen cybersecurity events. We not only identify gaps but also facilitate their closure and establish guidelines and internal policies to maintain ongoing security.

Data Discovery and Classification

At Techpiler, we take data protection seriously, implementing a robust data classification process to safeguard our clients' sensitive information. Each piece of information is then clearly labeled with one of our predefined classifications, such as public, restricted, personally identifiable (PI), intellectual, or confidential. This labeling system ensures clarity and consistency in understanding the level of protection required for each dataset.

Threat Modeling

As part of our comprehensive methodology to achieve full compliance, we conduct thorough threat modeling analysis to uncover any security gaps within the organization's infrastructure. This ensures that all necessary protections are in place and allows us to identify areas requiring remediation.


As part of our overall methodology in order to bring you to full compliance, we will perform an extensive threat modeling analisis to discover any security gaps that may exist in the organizations infrastructure. Ensurign that all needed protections are in pmace and identify where remediation is needed.

Policy Creation

As part of our CRG service, we specialize in crafting policies and guidelines tailored to meet your legal and security posture objectives. These meticulously crafted policies set the foundation for maintaining your security posture and are regularly updated as needed.

"Policy is the guiding star by which we navigate our organizational journey." -Unknown


Our employee training programs is designed to teach the necessary knowledge to navigate regulatory requirements and mitigate risks effectively, ensuring that every employee understands their role in upholding security protocols and compliance standards.

"The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of its existence. " Dune, 1984


"As part of our GRC services,includes crafting comprehensive documentation tailored to your organization's security posture goals an requlatory requirements.

"Documentation is a mirror to our past, a map to our present, and a guide to our future." -Unkown

What occurs if or when there is a successful attack?

Ensuring that your business is prepared to withstand a successful attack and maintain operations is a critical component of any compliance framework requirement. As a comprehensive solution provider, partnering with Techpiler's GRC services guarantees that your business is equipped to survive and swiftly recover from an attack. Our team assesses your organization's vulnerabilities, develops robust business continuity plans, and implements proactive measures to mitigate risks. With Techpiler by your side, you can trust that your business continuity strategies are finely tuned to safeguard against disruptions, ensuring seamless operations even in the face of unexpected challenges